Interesting facts about my country

I live in a beautiful not so small country in Europe called Romania.

A lot of you know that Romania is home for one of the best legends ever: Dracula!

But I’m not going to talk about Dracula and the historic figure that inspired this story, Vlad the Impaler. If you’re interested in this let me know, I’ll tell you all about it (legend and true facts).

I wanna let you in on 2 interesting facts about Romania, that I myself have recently found out about.

Interesting fact number 1:

Our beautiful capital city Bucharest is home to the heaviest building on the planet: The Peoples Palace.


It was built by former communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and today is the Parliament.

1 million cubic meters of marble were used for its construction, 3500 tones of crystal,  7000 tones of steel, and the numbers keep going.

According to Guinness Book of records, The Peoples Palace is the heaviest building on the planet and second largest after the Pentagon.

Interesting fact number 2:

In Romania, along the Danube’s course in a beautiful scenery that reminds me of Lord of the Rings, the largest stone statue in Europe was built (not many Romanians know this, by the way).

The statue represents our great ancestor  Decebal king of Dacia.

The statue is built in the small town of Dubova. It was inspired by Mount Rushmore, it is 6 meters smaller than the Statue of Liberty, but 8 meters taller than the Jesus Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro. It took 10 years to finish and 12 people to carve it.  Prior to the sculpture itself more than 1 tone  of dynamite was used to shape the rock it was carved into.

Maybe you would like to visit this small but fantastic region in Romania that I so dearly speak of.

Remember to always stay informed.



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  1. Nice, need to see that statue!!

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