The Jedi Archives…

Maybe you have noticed this before me, or maybe you didn’t watch Star Wars ( I personally believe everybody should watch Star Wars once!!!), but here is what i discovered:

These are the Jedi Archives, as they appear in “The Clone Wars:

Pretty cool , isn’t it? The fun fact about them is that such a place really exists and it is located in Dublin.  Although it is not populated by Jedi, it can be said it contains the same thing: Knowledge!

Ladies and gentlemen, geeks and Star Wars fans i give you… The Dublin Library!

This is one of the most inspiring places i have ever seen. If you love reading as much as I do… you will all agree!  I wonder if they would build a hotel next to it so i can spend a vacation in wonderful Dublin and do some reading….

Remember to always stay informed!

Love Aleena.


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