Happy Friday the 13th

Let me get one thing straight from the beginning: I am European, I am superstitious…to  some degree. Ok!… Not so much. But my country Romania…it’s in a league all of its own. We have ancient superstitions, medieval superstitions, pre war, post war, superstitions born in communist era and now, as capitalism decided to settle in, we started borrowing the western superstitions.

Romania is an authority on superstitions and crazy customs.
However Friday the 13th is not one of them.

We have our own. And it’s Tuesday.  Every Tuesday we get 3 hours of bad luck. Nobody knows exactly what those hours are, but…Beware!  And to be honest with you, it’s us I think who’s got it right. There is no way in hell the beginning of week-end can bring bad luck. It brings happiness and joy and drinks and gaming time…No?! Which is something we should all be doing anyhow since today it’s Friday May 13th.


When I looked at the date this morning…well I smiled and moved on…but for a second there I remembered reading in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code that this superstition has something to do with The Knights Templar.  You know…the Crusades…

To be exact, on the morning of Friday October 13th 1307, by the order of King Philip IV of France and  guest starring Pope Clement V, The Templars were rounded up, imprisoned, tortured into admitting heresy and treason, and eventually killed. All the order’s riches were seized by the crown and Catholic Church.  So, I am guessing it was bad luck only for some.

But as I was to discover later, in “The Accursed Kings” by Maurice Druon, the chain of events that King Philip started on that dreaded Friday October 13th will bring forth such a wave of bad karma, that not only affected him and his heirs, but the whole country as well.  Well…bad karma and loads of scheming that’s for sure. Read the book. I highly recommend it. If you are a political thriller fan…I have yet to read a better one. If you know what that better book is, please leave  a comment and let me know.

Looking up Friday 13th on the mighty net, I found out that there are several explanations for this superstition, and that number 13 is associated with bad luck in several religions and cultures, including norse mythology  and ancient Egypt.

But I am the product of medieval RPGs.

Give me a good medieval story and I am hooked…forever. Don’t get me started on Game of Thrones.  So naturally blaming King Philip the Fair for some hundred years of bad luck seems only right…

But don’t despair. There are ways to counter it! Enjoy a good book. Or try some medieval fantasy game…maybe Diablo 3? I heard that going out for dinner and drinks works like a charm every time.  Round up your templar knights and go to a club.  In MY medieval fantasy girls can be knights too.  Basically…just enjoy Friday and you will never have bad luck again. Don’t forget! I’m Romanian…I am an authority on the matter.

Remember to always stay informed.




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