It’s a Fruit! It’s a vegetable! It’s Tomatoes!

I spend a lot of time online, either for my job, for fun, while I wait for something (I hate waiting!!), and sometimes I’m online when in fact I should be doing something else. The house won’t clean itself, for example. Stupid house!

There are advantages and disadvantages to being that much online. But let’s forget about the negative for a second and focus a bit on what’s important here:knowledge, facts, and information. It’s all there, on the web. And using the Internet so much, you sort of develop a natural filter towards bullshit information. Basically if it comes from a dubious site and sounds stupid…IT probably is.

This thing I learned the other day while scrolling Facebook, when in fact I should have been cooking, did not sound stupid but rather intriguing and it concerns tomatoes. In my defence, at least is somewhat cooking related.

On a respected agricultural news website here in Romania, I found an article about an African farmer who developed a very simple way to keep tomatoes fresh for up to six months. The trick is simple: after harvest he keeps them in ash. Yes, you read right. Ash resulting from burning  wood, no coal, or paper or anything else, just wood.

The farmer said his struggle was real. That he had several months between harvest and the time the price of the tomatoes peaked during winter. And out of the desire to make more money, he started testing ways of preserving tomatoes.

He tried sand, dirt, clay, hay and then finally ash. And apparently it works. There was further confirmation as well.

You have to understand, Romania has a long lasting relationship with agriculture. Not just that. For every Romanian that lives in the city now, chances are his grandparents lived in the country working the land. And in the comments section of the article there were several people confirming it, saying this was and still is a practice in rural Romania.

So, even though it comes from the Internet, the source is to be trusted and further confirmation from fellow Romanians, leads me to believe that this new thing I’ve learned, is probably true.

What do you say guys, should I put it to the test? Find out for sure if it’s true?

I think I will. Put the experiment together and monitor the tomatoes, and post updates here. I will monitor the color, how they look, how they smell and how they taste.

If I do it, then this will be the first time that something  I learned leads to an experiment. I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the original article, although it’s in Romanian.

Remember to always stay informed.


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