Where Light Casts No Shadow

Space…The Final Frontier. Or so it was at least, some 20-30 years ago. Now who the hell knows what lies beyond it. We have yet to understand our universe and most definitely we can only have wet dreams about exploring it. For now! That’s the beauty of it all. Mars today, Uranus tomorrow…one small step at a time.

Some say it was created by the hand of God. Now which God is that? Because, even I have heard of several “creator gods”, all with good claims.

Some say it’s science with a pinch of divine intervention, shaken and not stirred. Because they agree the universe is science, but… where do you think the spark came from? The spark that ignited the BIG BADA BOOM that powered our universe?

I believe that everybody is free to believe whatever the fuck they want to believe. I, for example, among other things, I believe in math. Yes people, it’s true! Math does not make me cry.

I believe that math is the universal language that will one day help us understand everything. It’s present everywhere on this planet and in outer space, influencing you, me, our gardens and everyday life.

There are times when put to use creates the most stunning of coincidences.  Take Ramesses contractors for example and what they managed to do at Abu Simbel. In the back room of the Great Temple, there are 4 rock carved sited figures: Ra-Horakhty(creator God Atum), the deified king Ramesses, and the gods Amun Ra and Ptah. The light of the Sun only enters the back room twice a year and only illuminates 3 statues. Ptah,a god connected to the underworld, must always remain in darkness. The people of ancient Egypt called this divine intervention, I call it math. And believe me they were better at it than we are.

But this was just an example of what people can create with math.

Now let me show you what the Universe can do!

Have you ever heard of a subsolar point. Yeah, me neither. Not until a couple of days ago, when I read an article about it on a romanian conspiracy blog. You know how these blogs are, they blow everything out of proportion. I almost didn’t read it. But in their neverending quest for the extraordinary, they fail to see where all the greatness lies: in the simple math behind the phenomenon, they described as the place where the sun casts no shadow.


On Earth, and other planets as well, there is a point where the Sun’s rays fall perpendicular to the surface. That is the subsolar point. If you were to stand on the exact location as the subsolar point passes, you wouldn’t be able in fact to see a shadow, as, for lack of a better explanation, your shadow would be exactly underneath you.

Due to the Earth’s rotation the subsolar point moves westward, circulating the globe once a day. It also travels north and south between tropics over the course of a year.

And here is where things get interesting…

The December and June Solstices, both occur at the exact same time the subsolar point crosses the tropics; Capricorn in December and Cancer in June. Moreover, the equinoxes in March and September, both occur as the subsolar point crosses the Equator.

You can track its location here.


It is considered to be one of the most difficult phenomenons to observe. Hawaii is the only American state where it can be seen. They name it Lahaina Noon (lahaina-cruel sun). But it is, yet again, the ancient population, that held a better answer, as the ancient Hawaiian name for the event was kau ka lā i ka lolo which literally translates to “the sun rests on the brains.”

subsolar scifi

Many of my friends would argue divine intervention. Yes, they might agree that the universe is science and that this subsolar point may actually be this mathematical certainty, but this only happens because God wanted it this way. And following this line of thought, maybe Ramesses was right when he deified himself, seeing that the “light miracle” at Abu Simbel only happens because he wanted it that way.

Always stay informed!



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